Monday, March 21, 2011

Commission a Custom Painting

I paint from photos. I like to take my own because it's important to get a feel for the house and to see all the details, even though they might not all be included in the painting, I need to understand how everything relates. I need to study the house and have a choice of views. I like to find a time of day when the sun is hitting the house in a way that produces strong and interesting shadows.

However, I have done many portraits long distance from the owner's photos.

Pricing and Time

The cost is about $1 a square inch. So a 24" x30" would be $720. There is a minimum of $400. I require a deposit to start and I can offer a payment plan. I like to allow a month to finish, I have done them faster; if it's for Christmas or needed for a certain date contact me earlier in advance.